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Vision: Two Rivers RC&D, Inc. will lend assistance to community leaders to develop rural economies by improving and conserving local natural resources.  A concerted effort will be made to identify the areas’ problems and then provide the leadership and framework for carrying out solutions to these problems.  We will serve a diverse local and regional constituency and support local networking, coalition building and partnership building. 

Mission:  To bring about economic improvement through the development of the natural resources, within our RC&D local region, provide for environmental protection, and to work with others to resolve the social concerns of the area. 

The sponsors of Two Rivers RC&D are the county governments and the Soil and Water Conservation Districts of the five county area.  In 1971, they requested assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to improve the economy with orderly development and conservation of resources through the Resource Conservation and Development Program (RC&D).  In 1972, the USDA approved this request and the Two Rivers Resource Conservation and Development Area was established.  In 1973, Two Rivers RC&D became a not-for-profit corporation in Illinois and a 501(c)3 charitable organization as recognized by the IRS. In 2011, all federal financial support was terminated and the Two Rivers RC&D operates as a self-sustaining non-profit organization.

Two Rivers RC&D is an equal opportunity provider and employer.           

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Executive Director: Brenda L. Middendorf

Board President: Terry Strauch

Vice President: Gary Balke

Secretary/Treasurer: Doug Smith

Board Members
Adams County Members Seldon Totsch County Board / SWCD
  Jim Elliott At Large
  Gary Balke At Large
Brown County Members John Salrin County Board
  Butch Sorrells At Large
  Glenn Raines At Large
  Charla Myers SWCD
Calhoun County Members Larry Wieneke County Commissioners
  Bill Tepen SWCD
  Robbie & Terry Strauch At Large
Pike County Members Fred Bradshaw County Board
  Mark Hart SWCD
  Doug Smith At Large
  Harry Wright At Large
Schuyler County Members Max McClelland County Board
  Beatrice Artis SWCD


Contact Us At:

1301 E. Washington,  P. O. Box 87

Pittsfield, Illinois 62363


email: info@2riversrcd.org

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