Meetings and Minutes

Minutes of Meeting

July 20, 2015

RC&D Board:  Robbie Strauch, Terry Strauch, Gary Balke, Harry Wright, Jim Elliott, Larry Wieneke, Seldon Totsch

Executive Director:  Brenda L. Middendorf

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Terry Strauch.


Motion by Gary Balke to accept minutes of January meeting. Seldon Totsch seconded.  Motion carried.


Financial reports were reviewed and placed on file. Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheets were reviewed.


Correspondence was received from the Ill Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity indicating that the Final Financial Status Report submitted in connection with the Access Illinois Outdoors grant was determined to be in compliance with the closing requirements of the grant agreement. 


Directors Report


The Two Rivers RC&D tax return was filed on time and quarterly reports have been completed and filed.

Documentation was provided to USDA Rural Development on the transfer of the Revolving Loan Fund from the City of Pittsfield.   One loan is current, one is now four months behind and the third loan is severely delinquent.  I met with the attorney regarding the delinquent loan and he felt chances were slim for recovery of assets there.  I am working with the other delinquent account to try to get payment caught up.

I appeared in court in an effort to obtain some compensation for the Two Rivers RC&D delinquent loan.  The individual had rejected the first offer for a settlement in her personal injury lawsuit and has obtained a new attorney.  In a weird turn of events, she indicated she was unaware of the agreement that had been reached on her behalf by her previous attorney which was to settle for $4200 from the personal injury lawsuit.  This was for a lesser amount to Two Rivers RC&D than what we had originally submitted as an amount we could agree on.  She told the judge she had only agreed to the larger amount so the Judge set a judgment for that amount, which is around $5800.00.   The judgment includes interest at 9%.  If we applied all the penalties and interest we were allowed in the original Promissory Note she would owe around $9200. 

The Host Agreement for the Pike County Landfill was completed but there was no funding included for reimbursement to RC&D for recycling efforts.  There was a onetime payment for a cover for the Electronic Recycling Site which will just be a pass through payment.  Our previous electronic processor sold his business to another individual from Rushville, Chris Toland.  Chris has picked up his first load and will be providing payment after processing.  A grant is being written to continue the operation of the regular recycling site with the staff of the Mental Health Centers of Western Illinois.

I attended a meeting in Clarksville sponsored by MoDOT in regards to the Champ Clark bridge. They indicated MoDOT has no funding for the construction which is around $60 million.  The costs would be shared with Illinois.  Illinois has it included in the five year plan.  A TIGER grant has been applied for that would award $10 million, $5 million to Illinois and $5 million to Missouri but they have no other funding.  I am serving on the Complete 54 Corridor Committee which is working to promote the construction of the bridge.

Two Rivers RC&D will be co-sponsoring a second Rural Economic Development Roundtable on July 23.  Key speaker will be Carol Portman with the Taxpayer’s Federation of Illinois, who will present on Illinois tax policy and changes that local governments can expect.

Two Rivers RC&D will be working jointly with Pike County Economic Development Corporation to create a Small Community Assistance Kit.  Many smaller municipalities do not have a clear understanding of what is required of them, especially after an election change.  This packet would include the requirements for a DUNS number and SAMS registration.


Access Illinois Outdoors

Four new members have joined Access Illinois Outdoors: 2 – IL;  2 – LA.  

Access Food

New applications are being submitted to the Community Foundation, Health & Wellness Foundation, DOT Charitable Foundation and Cargill. Funding was received for $1600 from Schuyler County United Way and $650 from Brown County United Way. 

IDNR is proposing elimination of the non-resident single antlerless-only over-the-counter archery deer permit. IDNR will submit an amended regulation to limit the sale of those permits only to hunters who have already obtained a non-resident combination (either-sex and antlerless) archery deer permit, beginning in 2016. Non-resident single antlerless-only archery permits will be unavailable this fall, although an antlerless-only permit will still be available as part of the combination archery permit.  IDNR is also considering amending regulations to have a bag limit for archery deer hunters. Participants in Illinois’ Youth Firearm Deer Season in October will be able to use unfilled permits from the youth season during the first weekend of the regular Firearm Deer Season in November,


Illinois Partners magazine will feature the Christmas Lodge Tour this year.  We are supplying photos and narrative.

The spring Two Rivers Wine Tour was held May 16 and was successful.  The tour included three stops:    Spirit Knob in Ursa, Village Vineyard in Camp Point, and Hopewell Winery in Summer Hill. 

A summer wine tour has been planned for July 25th for Grafton wineries.  Two charter buses have been booked.  Hopefully the water will not be an issue.

Youth Hunt

Promotion will begin the end of July for the October Youth Hunt.


Regular postings have been made to the Access Illinois Outdoors Facebook page. 

The website for Access Illinois Outdoors has been updated.  I’ve asked Kaleigh Moore, a social media consultant, to review our website and offer suggestions.  Activity has been slow the last few months and I think some updates need to be made to our site to make it more viable.

Our Access Food project was included in the Community Foundation insert to the Quincy Herald Whig on June 27th.


  • LaMoine Ecosystem Partnership Meetings
  • Community Needs Committee meeting for Pike County EDC.
  • PCEDC monthly board meetings.
  • Pike County Board meetings.
  • New Philadelphia Association Meetings.
  • Pike County Community Health Partnership meetings.
  • Legends of Lincoln Antique Show & Genealogy Fair meetings
  • Champ Clark Bridge
  • Complete 54 Corridor Committee


We received partial payment of $15,000 from DCEO through the Office of Tourism for the grant we had suspended for the operation of Access Illinois Outdoors.

We have requested whether there will be an opportunity to apply for funding to repair the Florence boat ramp in Pike County through IDNR grants, but at this time have not received any confirmation one way or another.

We are still working on the RMAP grant that we received last fall.  It has proved to be very challenging to comply with all the requirements of this federal grant.  This grant allows us to provide assistance to small businesses that are under 10 employees.

I put considerable time into a Farmers Market Promotion grant for Quincy but the major stakeholders, Univ. of Extension and JWCC, dropped out at the last minute and the Historic Quincy Business District failed to complete their list of needs for the grant in time for submission.

Three Community Development Assistance Program grants were written and submitted to the Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity on behalf of the City of Griggsville and the City of Pittsfield.  If all these grants are awarded, we would receive approximately $53,000 for the administration of these grants.  These were submitted in cooperation with Pike County Economic Development Corporation.

The final report was submitted for the Lake Education Assistance Program.

A grant is being submitted for a new tractor for the Quail & Upland Management Association to the Illinois Habitat Stamp fund. 


Over 852 acres of food plots in Pike, Brown, Calhoun and Cass Counties were planted this year with the assistance of the QUMA habitat coordinator. These food plots benefit many types of wildlife and serve to improve the entire area for hunting opportunities.  Almost $20,000 has also been awarded through our Wildlife Bonus grant program to landowners who want to improve wildlife habitat on their property.

Funding for the ATV Park project at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge was received. 


The status of the Miscanthus test plot was discussed.  Brenda will contact Christian County Extension to see if there are any options for harvesting.



New Projects

City of Griggsville CDAP Grant Application

City of Pittsfield CDAP Grant Application

National Media Promotion

Jim Elliot moved and Seldon Totsch seconded to approve all new projects.  Motion carried.

Next meeting will be Sept. 21 at 7:00 pm.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.


Submitted by Doug Smith, Secretary