What is Two Rivers RC&D

Two Rivers RC&D fosters local decision making to address natural resource and rural economic problems.  The program encourages and improves the capability of volunteers to plan and carry out local projects that address local priorities and issues.  Two Rivers RC&D is governed by an RC&D Council comprised of community leaders who volunteer their time and talents.  These Council members commonly include elected officials, soil & water conservation district directors, county board members, entrepreneurs, bankers, teachers, farmers, business people and others. These local volunteers determine our priorities, initiate and direct our projects and develop and implement our long range plans.

Two Rivers RC&D is a unique blend of private enterprise and creative government that helps community leaders develop rural economies by improving and conserving local natural resources.   Program objectives focus on:

  • Quality of life improvements
  • Resolution of local social, economic and environmental issues
  • Prudent use in development, management, and conservation of natural resources.
  • Creation of interagency partnerships to improve local access to sources of assistance

Two Rivers RC&D is a nonprofit 501(c))(3 )corporation. This tax advantage allows us to leverage federal dollars and private grant funds to successfully implement our program. Since 1972, the Two Rivers Resource Conservation & Development Board of Directors has completed over 360 projects, totaling a value of more than $46 million dollars.

Two Rivers RC&D serves five counties in west central Illinois: Adams, Brown, Calhoun, Pike and Schuyler.