Orr Center BuildingThe West Central Illinois Agricultural Research & Demonstration Center, commonly referred to as the Orr Research Center, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1999.  Proposed expansions and improvements make this an on-going project of the Two Rivers Resource Conservation & Development Area.   

The Orr Center includes 478 acres of cropland, pasture and woodland.  An Animal Science facility conducts swine and beef research.  Barns, classrooms, offices, machine sheds and workshops are all located on the Orr Center premises.  An option on adjacent property will allow for expansion when funding is found.

Orr Center CattleThe Two Rivers RC&D facilitated the conception of the research center by arranging meetings between the University of Illinois and John Wood Community College and assisting in obtaining a Capital Development Grant for the actual construction.  This is a unique arrangement found nowhere else in the nation where a community college and a major university share educational opportunities and facilities.

The Two Rivers RC&D continues to provide invaluable service to the Orr Center in course development, program dissemination, workshops, seminars, research studies and other practical applications to their agriculture program.